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Content:Date2012-02-21 11:02
Order #20120215110009 i neeswas tracking of the purses i odere is sold out i would like C10151 instead...thanx
Reply:Date2012-03-03 19:48
tracking is ee762276526cn
Content:Date2012-02-04 12:26
The last time I ordered, I was able to use credit card. This time it is not one of the options. Can I still do this?
Reply:Date2012-02-05 11:31
what is your order id?
Content:Date2012-02-03 08:59
I need the tracking number for my order. ID is 20120127150004
Reply:Date2012-02-05 11:30

ee760576899cn check at

Content:Date2012-01-24 07:30
I placed a order and i wish to use my debit card. I enter all of my information except my debit card info. How do I pay for my purchse?
Reply:Date2012-01-27 02:23
what is your order id
Content:Date2012-01-21 18:45
I received the purses within a week in a half this time. Last time was 4 days. They were very nice though. Thanks again. Will order again soon.
Reply:Date2012-01-27 02:23
thank you friend
Content:Date2012-01-17 22:29
need verification number for order 20120103210016, have tracking number.
Reply:Date2012-01-27 02:22
ee760576125cn check at
Content:Date2012-01-15 08:51
can i had a track number please my order number is 20120107100005.thank you.
Reply:Date2012-01-17 11:59
Content:Date2012-01-12 01:19
order # 20120103120007 Has it shipped? payment given 1/6/2012.
Reply:Date2012-01-17 11:58


Content:Date2012-01-04 12:00
can i just pay with my visa card?
Reply:Date2012-01-17 11:56

yes please make order on site first

Content:Date2012-01-03 11:03
can i pay with a pre-paided credit card
Reply:Date2012-01-17 11:55
yes please make order on site first

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