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Content:Date2013-04-04 04:17
order number-20130327010001 My order has been paid and verified as of March 26th,2013, and I am wanting to know the staus of it, thank you.
Reply:Date2013-05-05 21:33

check up on   in 24—72 hours
PS: please check up the tracking number every day, if delivery is failed, pls call shipping company asap, or else it will be return back, we will not send it free again. If you have ordered the shoe and sunglass, pls pay attention to the shoe, maybe we will give the sunglass inside i
Content:Date2013-04-02 01:27
Reply:Date2013-05-05 17:33
Content:Date2013-04-01 09:33
ORDER ID NUMBER:20130322050002 MONEYGRAM Auth# 10523198
Reply:Date2013-04-01 11:30
we will confirm asap
Content:Date2013-03-31 18:46
20130327070002 is my order number id like to know if the order is complete and on its way also may i have a tracking number this is the MTCN : 9023344120...plz help
Reply:Date2013-04-01 11:29

we will email u tracking number soon

Content:Date2013-03-28 11:09
Order number-20130327010001 MTCN- 3744730193 PAID
Reply:Date2013-03-28 13:58
ok.we will confirm asap
Content:Date2013-03-28 02:11
i need to know how to get ahold of someone for my order to be processed i have the MTCN from western union ...and how long it will take to get my merchandise
Reply:Date2013-03-28 13:58

10 days as usual,except for the holiday and weekend

Content:Date2013-03-26 21:51
United states
Reply:Date2013-03-27 13:11
Content:Date2013-03-22 20:52
order number 20130303220007 MTCN535-850-2158 is there a tracking number yet?
Reply:Date2013-03-27 13:11
Content:Date2013-03-19 02:23
ORDER 20130303220007 MCTN:535-850-2158
Reply:Date2013-03-27 13:11
Content:Date2013-03-19 02:11
ORDER 20130303220007 MCTN:535-850-2158
Reply:Date2013-03-27 13:11

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