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Content:Date2013-11-30 03:07
checking on the shipment status of 2 orders order 20131127120002 status paid order 20131116200008 status paid
Reply:Date2013-12-01 12:01

ee919777357cn of order 20131127120002

ee854183754cn of order 20131116200008

Content:Date2013-11-25 16:20
hi can you please let me know if you have already send the below order?? Order ID: 20131117060003 thanks
Reply:Date2013-11-26 10:33

you can cehck on,  and you can see the status of the packahe


Tracking Number:ee919777374cn

Timing Site Status
2013-11-22  16:45:00 BEIJING  Posting  
2013-11-22  16:52:00 huashanyingyeting  Despatch from Sorting Center  
2013-11-22  21:47:37 BEIJING  Arrival at Sorting Center  
2013-11-23  00:39:09 BEIJING  Despatch from Sorting Center  
Content:Date2013-11-25 02:04
What is the tracking number for order 20131113220004
Reply:Date2013-11-26 10:30
Tracking Number:EE854183768CN

Your item was received by sorting center(UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NEW YORK) at 2013-11-25 04:39:00

Timing Site Status
2013-11-20  17:40:34 QINGDAO  Despatch from Sorting Center  
2013-11-20  22:20:15 QINGDAO  Despatch from Sorting Center  
2013-11-21  00:06:03 QINGDAO  Arrival at Sorting Center  
2013-11-25  04:39:00 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NEW YORK  Arrival at Sorting Center  
Content:Date2013-11-21 23:52
My order number is 20131113220004 my order is still saying unpaid but y'all already pick the money up what is the statuse thank you
Reply:Date2013-11-22 01:51

we have sent the package,and give u the tracking

Content:Date2013-11-13 00:42
Order ID: 20131111120001 Money has been picked up since morning. Has my order been shipped?
Reply:Date2013-11-22 01:51
we have sent 7 days ago
Content:Date2013-11-12 15:32
Order ID: 20131111120001. I have sent the money. Please update and ship my items ASAP. Thanks.
Reply:Date2013-11-13 01:54

we hav got the payment

we will send it asap

Content:Date2013-10-28 15:50
Order ID: 20131024180005. Has my order been shipped.
Reply:Date2013-11-01 21:55
Content:Date2013-10-26 15:12
Order number: 20131024180005 Please update my order pain and has been picked up.
Reply:Date2013-10-26 16:01
we have got the payment,we will send package asap
Content:Date2013-09-19 13:52
My order number is 20130906210004 I need a tracking number if my package has already been shipped
Reply:Date2013-09-22 12:12
we will confirm asap
Content:Date2013-09-19 10:06
I western union my payment September 10th and it says you received it I've emailed numerous times and no one has replied I want to know if my shoes have been shipped and I need a tracking number for my package
Reply:Date2013-09-22 12:12
we have just received the payment information,we will confirm asap

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