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Content:Date2011-11-05 10:55
i am interested to order from your merchandise
Reply:Date2011-11-05 11:22
yes please make order on site
Content:Date2011-11-03 01:50
Reply:Date2011-11-04 10:17
register at home page friend
Content:Date2011-10-31 03:33
Order Id # 20111029110007 Has been paid in full.I send today by MONEY GRAM. REF. # IS 30665716.THANKS
Reply:Date2011-11-03 00:41
thank you friend
Content:Date2011-10-03 17:29
Order ID: 20110930090004 can i have the tracking number please
Reply:Date2011-10-12 00:04
ee510572179cn ee508830679cn
Content:Date2011-09-30 02:16
Order ID: 20110926040001 can you send me the tracking number please
Reply:Date2011-09-30 12:46
Content:Date2011-09-13 07:27
Csn I please have the tracking # for order 20110813100005
Reply:Date2011-09-21 18:03
Content:Date2011-08-13 03:02
did u have a special price on shipping for wholesale
Reply:Date2011-08-13 03:04
if you order more .shipping will be cheaper
Content:Date2011-07-28 05:54
Thank you once again for my order. This time was the fastest with 4 days! The stuff looks great!
Reply:Date2011-07-28 12:35

you are welcome ;- )

Content:Date2011-07-27 05:48
How long would it take for an order to arive in brooklyn ny? I need it before sept 8, 2011
Reply:Date2011-07-27 12:23
7-10 days friend
Content:Date2011-07-26 20:40
very good order as always richard. fine service! but 1 question. when will you receive polo boots and lebron south beach shoes on your website. because now already in stock in factories in china i hear. i would love to order pleaseee put on site
Reply:Date2011-07-27 18:37
we have uploaded for you

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