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Content:Date2011-12-15 09:28
What do you do to become a member? Went to home page and all I see is this. Where do I go?
Reply:Date2011-12-19 14:41
click register at home page
Content:Date2011-12-10 04:23
How do I become a.member
Reply:Date2011-12-13 12:14
please click register at home page
Content:Date2011-12-09 10:26
what is the dead line to order and it be hear by christmas
Reply:Date2011-12-13 12:14
time is not enough now friend
Content:Date2011-12-03 01:36
i wanna pay by debit card so how can i do tht....if i get money gram,,, all i gotta do is message u the 8-9 digit number and ill b paid off??
Reply:Date2011-12-03 02:46
yes friend, send us 8 digit numbers  with order id
Content:Date2011-12-02 12:20
Shipping to puerto rico o us only?
Reply:Date2011-12-02 17:24
we not send to puerto rico for the moment friend . we send to usa
Content:Date2011-12-02 11:28
hi before pay i want to make sure you get my apt number change.I did that but when i look to my information i see the old number,can you please make sure is apt#38?thanks
Reply:Date2011-12-02 17:26
yes #38
Content:Date2011-11-29 11:41
please send order information via email
Reply:Date2011-12-02 17:29
what is your order id
Content:Date2011-11-19 09:28
Please send my trck number... I have paid one weeek and I didnot get anything.. My ID # 20111112120009
Reply:Date2011-11-19 16:22
Content:Date2011-11-16 15:06
Is avia post (not EMS) delivery available?
Reply:Date2011-11-19 16:26
ems is garantpost russia
Content:Date2011-11-11 11:46
How long does the product take to arrive United States and where is shipping coming from.
Reply:Date2011-11-16 18:12
it will take 7 days after send order

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