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Air Jordan Force Fusion 3 (III) AJF young blood

The AJF family also had the young blood to join, although was not Jordan's some generation of new shoes funds, but also enough attracted attention, before this was, only then design drawing to make public AJF3, this pair of shoes' chart in kind already issued now. Because same year Air Jordan 3 also belonged to the low gang shoes' category, therefore this pair of AJF3 really looked like extremely Air Jordan 3, if were not heel's outside leaks Max Air, certainly will think that was Air Jordan 3 duplicate engraves again. Moreover this pair of AJF3 matching colors is the black salt which in 1994 and in 2001 the superposition engraved matches colors, at present this color's Air Jordan 3 were already fried to the day price, moreover in this year's 20+3 coverall's Air Jordan 3 are also this matches colors. AJF3 is for the coverall which soon arrives preheating. Simultaneously this is also the first pair of official to make public material object low gang edition AJF series shoes funds. The trust will soon after have more and more much matches colors to make public, inside this will certainly must have LS matching colors.

Air Jordan Force Fusion 3 (III)

Date:2008-4-12 【Return】